Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quickie day

So Monday my biggest thing is that I have decided I'm going to actively pursue a bf. Honestly, I want somebody in my corner, and somebody that I can go out with and have fun with and vice versa. I want somebody to value my opinion and whose opinion I value. My biggest thing is I want a guy with big arms to cuddle with, man do I need some of that right now!!

I know I really dropped the ball with the UST club, and that's my own fault. I didn't call people and I seemed to lose my enthusiasm for it, I really never had it to begin with. The problem is that I assume this leadership position and I don't really feel like anybody else in the group is really trying to do anything, at all. I hate that feeling, and I hate that lately I have been real listless and unenergetic about everything. I need that fire, that energy. I need to bring Monty back.

So, OLDGIRL's attention starved dog peed in the carpet yet AGAIN, so I gotta to clean that up before I leave. I'm starting to really hate that dog.

But good things today are that I plan to write a plan of goals for myself and follow the tenets of the Secret haha. If ever I allow myself to actually write them out haha.

I just need to calm down, and take everything one step at a time, but when you have a billion things going on, that can be difficult to do.

Mood: Worried about my left foot
Listening: Nothing
Random Quote: none
My Response: nada, I just want to have fun.

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