Friday, October 17, 2008

Up at 7:15 and Breakfast, that's a first ...

It's the earliest I've been up in awhile, because I actually got more than 5 hours of sleep, I got SIX .... haha. Yesterday, I received some bad news about the club. We didn't get the money for homecoming. I can't say I'm really surprised, because I kind of slacked off and tried to have somebody else handle it. Time and time again I realize that if you want anything done, do it yourself. The worse part is that I should have been working more closely with him, since the accused claimed to be such an expert on working with student government. He had given me all wrong information, and seems more focused on other stuff.

So updates on the social front are that nothing is happening. PRIVATEPLAN is being noncommittal and inaccessible as usual. I think the fact that I hang off his every word is really bad, and underscores my poor current relationships, but I don't know anybody. SIXTYNINE is ok, but he's not all the way there, and he thinks the answers to all my problems is sex. But, I think I need to take a break from seeking out PRIVATEPLAN. Can I be called for once? It's so weird that he makes all these hints like "When we meet .." and "We'll discuss that more later ..." and I'm like, ok, and when is that going to be?

I'm worried, really worried about where I'm going with my academic career. I've made some diasterous decisions academically, and I hope I can pull off an ok average for the semester. I still find it difficult to talk to people, and I hate not really knowing anybody, or having a larger circle of friends. SIXTYNINE's cronies are ok, and I guess they are mine as well, but it just doesn't seem like it most of the time. I just want to meet somebody that is out, affirming, smart and needs a friend. I want a road dog to hang with. I've never really had that. Maybe I need to be that for other people before I can expect it for myself.

Mood: A little tired, but cool
Listening: Magic by Robin Thicke
Random Quote: "He bought me lunch, so I gave him some attention" - OLDGIRL
My Response: That's all it takes, huh?

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