Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Personal Mission Statement

I wrote my personal mission statement, and am putting it here for safe keeping.

  • I will take charge of my own life and personal development, by taking the time to understand and learn about myself and my place within my family, friends, community and world.
  • I control the source of my identity, and live based on the moral and spiritual center of my own determination that develops and shapes my view of the world. I will refrain from being judgmental of the values and opinions of others, and confidently adhere to my own.
  • I value my health. I will exercise, seek proper nutrition, and maintain my physical, social and mental health through my daily activities. I hold a healthy image of my personality, my body, and my attractiveness. I will also improve upon all three and connect with others that also value and shine in these areas.
  • I put my education, career and intellectual development as the most important goal and aspect of my life. I will be a devoted student, writer, thinker, researcher, designer, artist, and scholar that is always thinking in new and different ways to ask better questions, create better solutions and bridge connections between disparate issues.
  • I will be committed and interested in my family, through keeping in contact, promoting their positive and healthy well-being, and provide them with the love, respect and support that they give to me.
  • I place emphasis on interpersonal relationships and skills. I will value my friendships, and give my friends love, respect and support, and nurture my social networks (school, work, community, gay, religious)
  • I maintain a sense of civic duty through service, and take responsibility to be involved in my community.
  • I practice a system of positive productivity, where I am able to accomplish my daily tasks and goals, maintain commitments to myself and others, and seek out environments that enhance my sense of purpose and general well-being.
  • I live for my goals. I set high aspirations for myself, and seek out situations, people, and experiences that match and heighten my own ambition.
  • I will maintain a daily record, with overviews every week, month, season and year, as a way of keeping a close and thoughtful introspection on my life.
  • I will see myself as an interesting and valuable individual that is complex, varied, but still empathetic to others. I will continue to make efforts to connect with people and foster strong friendships and social networks
  • I do not shy away from hard work, but at the same time understand how to work efficiently. I accept new challenges from people and situations, and gain a greater understanding from each outcome for the future.
  • I remain grateful for everything I have received and anticipate the good things that will come in the future. I understand and deserve the fortunate position I find myself.
  • I retain the qualities of a precocious college student. I remain curious, ask questions, keep an open mind, and always continue to learn.
  • I will laugh, seek out enjoyment, and share good feelings with others everyday.
  • I will simplify my life and make efforts to keep track of the daily requirements and maintenance of my responsibilities.
  • I will forgive myself and others for negative experiences of the past, but I won't forget them. I will learn and understand my own past emotional pain, and use those memories to propel and not hinder my personal development
  • I will love myself, my family, partner, friends, community, culture, nation, and life


  1. Wow...I know this is your personal mission statement, but I almost feel like printing it out and using it as a guide :) If all of us lived by these principles, we and this entire world would be in better shape! I just discovered your blog, but enjoy the posts I have read. Yay! A new bookmark!

  2. Oh wow, thank you! That means a lot.