Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just One of Them Days …

I'm here in the library, currently working on what I thought was a group project by myself, lol. I have my last final tomorrow, a presentation. And then I am done for the year. Thank you!!! I needed a break from people today. I don't feel like listening to others problems, and I damn sure don't want to talk about my own right now. I wish I had my own place, a little island somewhere or a nice patio, where I could just sit and lay my head back and just be. For the past few weeks, it seems like I can't turn around without stepping on anyone's toes or creating some sort of tension. I have always been a person that seems to carry a lot of tension. I walk fast and with heavy footsteps, and I think I miss a lot of things in rushing around from one project to the next. The main reason I rush is procrastination. Lately, I haven't felt much of an impetus to do anything, and I always seem to finish every project at the last minute and in an incomplete way.

Did I say I hate this library??? SO DAMN LOUD. Black people treat the library like the parking lot at Cascade. If wasn't short and under 150, I would go off on somebody in here.


  1. at least you know where the library is, im still having trouble finding mine

  2. Club Woody!! Its where all the boys are AT!!! Clark has some cuties too, not like the DEITIES at our school but cuties nonetheless... but u do walk fast, you've sped past me a few times lol.

  3. @J Yeah, well how about I am a rising junior and I only recently found out that there are MEETINGROOMS on the third floor of the library. I barely knew we had a third floor.

    @UrSoVain Deities? OMG ... I'm not too sure about THAT one. Let's not talk about walking, Mr. Apple commercial :)

  4. That was ONCE!! U've sped by me numerous times.. And yes DEITIES!! I don't know if you've noticed but we have some gorgeous men walking our campus, there are some boys who have swag for WEEKS!... Like my husband (rhymes with sip). I don't even think he's ever bought his OWN books. Even str8 boys know hes fine (i've asked lol).

    And there's this fat bytch who works at the registers at target.. she(he) gives! Headphones keep me from having to respond to her. "Found everything okay?"