Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Cannot Tell A Lie From The Truth

MONEY&SEX and I have been hanging out the past week, movies and lunches and whatnot. No, we aren't dating or anything (according to him, he is seeing some ex-football player turned GA patrolman or whatever) but he likes to get out and do stuff, and he has a car so I don't have to drive all the time lol. We went to see Orphan and The Hangover this weekend, we also ate at Chinese Buddha, well I think that's the name, and also at the Flying Biscuit. I have gotten a crash course into the life of MONEY&SEX , his east coast upbringing, law school aspirations, and more poignantly, his VAST experience in casual sex encounters via the internet. He has deemed himself some kind of sexual guru, and regularly tells me (whether I ask for it or not) about who I should be doing, and wants to know every painstaking detail of my encounters. I was hesitant to trust MONEY&SEX because I have conflicted feelings toward him. I regret having done anything with him in the past, and he was a player in all the drama of last semester. But something about him, the self-serving way he refers to himself, his CONSTANTLY referring to me as short or little - those are just some of the many things he does that put me off. I know I have a long way to go in tolerating other people, but he really tests me.
I hooked up randomly with somebody at an "independent living facility" on the Southside. No, I wasn't with some 70 year old man looking to get his rocks off, but the 23 year old that works the front desk after hours. He was cute, he had braces, and had this adorable accent. I admit that living in Atlanta has made those accents grow on me. Anyway, so we met up at the front desk, he buzzes me in and we then proceed to one of the empty rooms. The room was cold, and set up like a hotel suite, it was nice. I laid on the bed, and he then goes to the bathroom and, well, prepared I assume. So he then gets naked, but I'm not paying attention to his body, which was GOOD, but his right hand. I see a plain gold ring on his finger. Oh. My. God. Seriously? It was good though. He gave me head, which was a first for me, and he did a great job as well lol. I tried bottoming again, but the same problem, pain, like almost immediately once he got close to penetration. He said "You act like you know what your doing down there" when I gave him head. So thanks, mr. nightwatchman

This morning I texted MONEY&SEX and asked if wanted to play tennis later. He said sure, then after he grilled me about my night at the "home." I hate talking about these things with people, and I gave as little detail as possible. Then, he tells me that he went on a date with my first, BIGGIERICH, to some theater in Henry County, and that BIGGIERICH ate him out in the theater, and that he's a bottom, and that he has a master's in the same field I am interested in. A lot of random details that I re BOLD FACE LIE. I immediately called BIGGIERICH, and he easily debunked MONEY&SEX's lie. I mean, did he not think it would be easy for me to find out the truth? Two possibilities: MONEY&SEX is either the worst liar known to man, or he wanted me to know he was lying and this is part of some subversive mind game. I don't have time for this. I can't barely keep the truth straight to myself, and now the people around me are spreading BS?

I wish my other peoples were here!!!

Mood: exhausted from HEAT
Listening: Turn! Turn! Turn! by the Byrds
Random Quote: "He a lie" - BIGGIERICH
My Response: TRUE


  1. Don't allow him to keep testing you. From your post, seems like he's trying to ease you or mold you into someone that is not you. And tell him upfront that your life isn't his life.

  2. Definitely taking that into account, thanks. Hard when you want to trust people and let them into your life, but you don't know if you can.

  3. Sounds like a lot of what he says is a lie...and he's trying to make himself out to be more than what he is. Don't fall for it and take everything he says with a grain of salt.

    You're way past him socially and intellectually. That's why he tries to make you feel insecure with his short comments. Just know that.


  5. "Ay Shawty" Ugh, these ATL accents get me everytime!! Esp. on the phone... they dont compare to NY ones, but theyre pretty close. And M&S is nobody's cute anyway. People need to strive for quality.. anyone can have sex with a lot of people. Thats All BGC is... But can u get the fine ones and KEEP them? Thats another story...

  6. Child, let M&S go on somewhere and play games with someone else.