Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

This is the hectic part of the semester. Although the weather is warming up, the projects are building up. I have literally so many big things to do that it's doubtful if I can make all of my obligations. Here's a sample of what I have to for this week.

Sociology: First Draft of a 10 page paper

Environmental Law: Write a policy brief on climate change, as well as a presentation on a 56 page case

Speech: a well thought out paper and Persuasive speech

Money and Banking: study to make up for the last two tests

Macroeconomics: Continue to study

City of Atlanta: Just random projects, but it takes a cool 20 minutes to get there

Public Service Institute: Real Estate Development project

Summer Program: Complete the summary of my research outline for the 8 week program

Urban Studies Club: Try to have 3 events in the next WEEK so that we aren't put on probation next year

STUDYING FOR THE GRE AND LSAT (Which I haven't done AT ALL!!!!!!!!!)

Ok, this is just the academic tip, and doesn't account for all the personal and professional things that I would like to do. I need to work out, I need to get to know more of my poli sci teachers for recommendations, I have so many damn things to do it's literally the monkey on my back. I have slacked off for most of semester, and now everything has come to a head. PRIVATEPLAN recommended to me that I take a step back, and stop so hard on myself. Live day by day. It's difficult. Sometimes all I want to do is take a long walk through the park, and relax. Look at the trees, take a deep breath, and become totally aware of everything outside of me. Just sit and be. That idea to me would be HEAVEN.

Mood: Actually, good

Listening: "Black and Gold" by Sam Sparro

Random Quote: When you file your taxes remember not to list yourself as a dependent.

Response: ummm … what??


  1. Take a moment and write a list of what you need to do. Then do one thing at a time.

  2. We have an Urban Studies Club? lol

  3. @D-Place Thank you. I often get so focused on the bigger picture that I don't even think about that.

    @ UrSoVain Watch it .... lol. Yes we do. It's kinda fallen off because I haven't had enough time and because it's tiring to be the only energetic member of the group

  4. No but seriously, i had no idea such a club existed. Is it mostly sociology majors? For you to have an event on campus may be a bit tough cuz campaign season has started and that's where student focus is. Seeing as the Greeks are back its gunna be an all out war. But its possible for u to do so...