Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3 Dreams in One

K, so I had a dream that was weird as hell last night. I dreamed that I was at this studio, with Essence Atkins (the sister from Smart Guy). So she was a teacher, and there was a classroom set. But it was like she was a real teacher. First her students are in the classroom, and they are happy because she sent out the bad seeds . Then, for some reason, the kids are gone and essence is with adults. She got a big promotion to work in New York, and the other crew on set are happy for her. But all of a sudden, some thuggish mob guys come in, and decide they have to rape her, because they already raped her sister. They do it, and then she tells her sister, "well, you know I have to do everything you do."

Then, my dad and I were in a car, and these guys were shooting each other on the street. I was in the driver's seat and dad was in the passenger seat. One of them comes up to his window, and I'm like dad get down. I pull him down and I am over him. The guy is pointing the gun into the car like he is really going to shoot. And I'm just thinking, "man, please don't shoot him, don't shoot my dad."

Then, for some reason, I developed a gap between my two front teeth, and lost one tooth on the side, and another loose one, I stopped pretending and just pulled it out. I remember the pain from pulling it out and tasting the bloody stub from where it was. I sent my dad a text about this or something, and took back my earlier promise to never let him look in my mouth. He said "well, thanks much appreciated." I was nervous and angry that I had lost these teeth, because I had always prided myself on them. I went to see some random female dentist, thinking that I had to get all these root canals and false teeth. She was like "You have been eating too much candy, and now you suffer the consequences" or something like that. So I was then looking at myself in the mirror thinking, "DAMN. Ok, so now I have to live with this??"

This was like three mini dreams all rolled into one. I have so much random stuff going through my head, I don't even know where to start in terms of analysis. Just thought I would add that lil' bit of info for ya.


Mood: On the way to being awake    

Listening: Looking Through the Eye of a Pig

Random Quote: From dream "Losing teeth is a sign of lost wisdom."

Response: Oh shit …

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  1. Hi. Interesting blog you have & it appears you have alot on your plate, try not to get stressed out about it all. Being a college student myself I know that might sound extremely hard to do, lol.