Saturday, October 9, 2010

Date w/Drexel

To keep it short. I just went on a cool date with a freshman from Drexel. We just chilled and ate fries at Phily Diner, then walked around campus. He's in the Air Force ROTC, is a break dancer, and plays 4 instruments. Random, I know, I hope this leads to something. He's a cool kid, attractive, and smart, but I don't want to get my hopes up for nothing or think too much into it after one casual first date. It's so VERY rare that I meet people, let alone ones that seem to be interested in me. This was a great end to a long day. I feel good about it J


  1. At the black student union thingy last month

  2. Sounds nice. As long as the time spent was enjoyable, it's all good. I know it's hard not to try and read deeply into things, but you are right about not wanting to set yourself up for disappointment. Just keep cool and continue do what's best for u. *High5 for scoring a date*