Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lean, Mean 2013

Lean, Mean for 2013

The obligatory new year's resolution post. It's a bit late ( OR REALLY LATE), but I was shuffling through deciding what I wanted to focus on this year. I mean, not even four months ago, I couldn't have told you where I would be at this point. I moved to a new city, started a new job. And I'm just beginning to confront many of the pressing challenges that have held a grip on my subconscious. I have many fears, things that creep through the back of my mind about the future. I have to hide behind glassy smiles and congratulatory eyes as friends tell me of jobs in London, acceptances to PhD programs, getting married, having babies - basically life is happening. I'm ready to see some changes in my own life. My proposals are for a lean and mean 2013. Ignoring the corny rhyme, this year has to see some things CHANGE for me. Years of hitting a wall in my social interactions, being trapped in my own thoughts and neurosis have not worked. Its going to be slow and difficult, but its time to dig out of this pit, so that I don't lose that which I have the most of at the moment: Time.

Here are 8 things I plan to focus on for this year. It might seem like a lot, but many are interrelated and will definitely help me focus from how my mind usually thinks through things.

1. Create a 5-year plan

I have so many ideas of what I can be doing with my life, made so many lists, brainstorming sheets, etc. It's time to set an action plan and take the leap of faith to make it happen.

2. Face the things that I fear/hate

The list of things that I have had an emotional response is staggering. Things that have plagued me since I was a child on the playground. It's time to own up, and realize they are not bigger than who I am or what I can be.

3. Cultivate old hobbies: writing, tennis, photography, drawing

I used to be pretty decent at all of these. Exploring these interests is a good way to reconnect back to the positive aspects of what I used to be.

5. Continue to grow, learn and expand in my field

Part of mastering your career means acting like a lifelong student. Reading articles, taking classes, presenting and lecturing on it, discussing it with colleagues, tackling challenging issues/questions within it -  these are what make you grow

6. Enhance my level of fitness: through diet and physical exercise

I have struggled with this for years. My relationship with food and my body always wavers between the initial excitement of a new routine and lost interest. Setting up a better plan to educate myself on recipes, exercise techniques is essential.

7. Network

I suck at this. It's painful, awkward, and scary for me. But if I want to be in a better position, if I want to grow, meet more interesting people, I have to do it.


Coffee, dinner, movie, museum, skating, plus more unconventional date ideas I haven't realized yet. This is what people do, right? lol Well, its what I want to do.

9. Learn 2 new languages

Spanish and French. Those are what I would like to focus on. Expand my realm of communication! Date a sexy Frenchman or Cubano! We we! Si si!

10. Develop my spiritual side

I have values, and a moral system. But I have struggled with finding a faith system that fits into how I have come to view the world. I want to explore different faiths, including the ones I have resisted for so long.

11. Foster stronger relationships with friends and acquaintances

I've been bad with forging and maintaining connections with people in the past. I tend to take a "me against the world" mindset, and await the moment when people's nefarious intentions reveal themselves. This is perhaps one of my greatest challenges

12. Have fun

Laughing, acting silly, smiling with reckless abandon. I have to find ways to increase the fun in my life and share that with others around me.

13. Write daily

Take time to reflect. Not stare at a screen (be it a cell phone, TV, or iPad) but actually sit down, put pen to place and be honest about how I feel.

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