Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey There!

Hello all. It's been a long time coming, but I am going to revive my blog. Eventually, I want to find a better template, but for now I will keep this form. For this entry, I want to reflect on a letter I wrote to myself senior of high school, that a teacher mailed back to be recently. Here is what me @18 had to say to me @22


Dear old guy,

Hey man, it's the old Lamont coming out of high school. Right now, life is pretty uncertain. Going to Morehouse and I'm just hoping that it is the right choice. But is right for me right now? So you have closed yourself from numerous experiences of high school and often feel angered by your circumstance. I know that up to 18, I have been having a hard time in figuring out what type of person I am. Hopefully, you will have made a name for yourself by now. And I hope you are happy. I hope you have a fulfilling life, someone who you love & loves you, and still get satisfaction from helping people. Keep your head up and push forward. 10 years (you mean 4) years in the past, I believe in you.


Wow, teared up a little as I wrote that because I hadn't really accomplished any of that yet … But I'm definitely in a better and stronger place than I was

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