Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waiting while my World Changes

I spent the weekend in Philadelphia. Penn had a grad school preview thing, so I went up to see their program. In terms of design and appeal, I really like Philadelphia. It's bigger, older and dirtier than Atlanta, but that's why I like it lol. could take the train from the airport, and walk a few short blocks to my friend's apartment. This is my friend BLACKFRAT, or I'll just call him JH to keep things simple. JH went to Wharton, so he has a bit of an inflated ego through that fact, and always finds subtle opportunities to put down Morehouse for whatever reason. But we have been friends since we were 11, and he was more than happy to help me out while he was here. Since it was Homecoming, he was mostly out getting drunk with friends and having a good time, meanwhile I was trying to catch up on work.

This semester has kind of hit me like a bullet train. It's my second to last at Morehouse. I'm taking the GRE next week. I'm applying to graduate schools. Everything is coming together right now, perhaps not in the ways that I would like, but they are. I don't know where this year went lol. I remember I was in the the 3rd grade when I learned that 2006 and 2010, high school and college graduation if I stayed on schedule. They seemed so far away then, but they are here. To be honest, I hadn't given life much thought past high school LOL. And now, I will be venturing into real adulthood, having a real job and a place of my own one day. It's exciting to think about, but again, I don't know what to expect. Like there are many thigns I have to work out, and in my mind there are so many scenarios for how things will turn out for me. One of my goals is to do better than my parents. It's nothing against them, but I want to have a more comfortable, and financial stable life than they did. I want to fall in love, like really, head over heels fall in love, and have somebody to build a family with. I already had in it my mind, three children, one would be adopted, and we would get a surrogate for the other two. Not sure how we would work that out, but I'm hopeful. Lol

The past two days, I have just been getting myself organized to stay on track. Apart from all the school stuff I have to deal with, I'm also building up the social tip. I went to the Drag Show that was at morehouse (haha, yeah right) Spelman last Friday, and that was a lot of fun. There were a lot of live performers doing slam poetry, and I was able to see a few people I know in the show do their thing. The theme was the infamous Morehouse 'Appropriate Attire Policy,' and the models when from gender appropriate attire to gender ambiguous to totally in drag. A lot of the live performers were lesbians, and you know, they know love better than most gay men and most straight people that I know. The models were fab of course. I knew after leaving the show that Morehouse and Spelman are changing. As I leave, it's great to see that more and more students are out and confident in who they are and willing to fight and speak against anybody that would threaten their wellbeing. I kinda wish I was a freshman or sophomore, with the new crop of people at school know, and with the hindsight knowledge I have. But things must change, and I have to leave, move on to the next phase of my life. I nervously look forward at what that might be.

Mood: A little overwhelmed

Listening: "Born to Run" by K-os

Random Quote: I don't think that how that works, but good for you!

Response: … I really don't need the smug sarcasm right now



  2. Yeah i heard the show was cute. They're working on having something like that on our campus... we'll see how that goes.